A-Tung's Guesthouse Resort
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Looking for a guesthouse in Taitung? Look no further. Sky Guesthouse Resort is hands down the best Guesthouse I have ever come across. And it just happens to be in Taitung, my favorite little city in Taiwan!

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A-Dung's Guesthouse is pretty amazing creation. His father and himself built the guesthouse out of recycled building materials, from model homes to old Japanese-era housing. His father started the lions club in Taitung, and his son, A-Tung, is the most creative businessman I have ever met.


I helped design and build one of the rooms, The Heaven Bird (He names each one of his babies), 2 years ago when Divyn and I were on the Road during our Homeless Experiment, and we have become intimate friends with A-Tung since then, and this year we joined his Team, E-Tung Creations, opened a restaurant in May, and have 2 more guesthouses on the burners.

A-Tung just finished his crown creation at The Resort. At 2400NT per night, It's unique in its truly a unique living experience:

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He has beautiful Hostel rooms for 400 per night. He also has private 2 person to 10 person rooms that range from 1200 ~ 4000 per night, and his prices are set all year round, even during Chinese New Year!

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