Airplane from Taipei to Taitung

Step 1
Price: 2238 NTW each (One Way)
Time: About 40 mins
Flight Schedule

Step 2
Option 1 : Rent a car or scooter at DongDi(東帝).
Price: Cars’ price varies from 1200NTW to 3000NTW a day(24 hrs).
Scooters’ price varies from 300 NTW to 500 NTW a day
Location: It’s across from the train station.
Note: (1)You can tell them that you are introduced by Haiziyi (海之藝), then, they will show you the way to get here.
(2) Bring your driver’s license.
Open Hours: 6:00 - 23:00
Option 2 : Pick u p and drop off service from Taitung Pirates and Sea Art Hostel
Taitung Airport – Sea Art 100 NTW (pick up)
Sea Art- Taitung Airport 100 NTW (drop off)

Airplane from Kaohsiung to Taitung
Kaohsiung Airport :

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