Exactly Divyn S 14 Day Tour Of Our Homes

Tour Under Construction. Destinations include:

  1. Camping on our Patio Villa next to our Waterfall on the Sacred Mountain for the Jou Aboriginese Tribe.
  2. Learn Wilderness Survival in our Mountain Hut above Century canyon deep in the mountains of Kaohsung County.
  3. Enjoy a relaxing day lounging at A-Tungs Bali-like Resort in Taitung.
  4. Head up to our Harbor, deep sea fishing, whale watching, hotsprings, river rafting
  5. Go hang out for a few days in our tree house, Eden #1 on the most pristine beach on Orchid Island, scuba diving, spearfishing
  6. Then onto Kenting to learn how to surf from one of the best, Terry, with almost 30 years experience surfing the world.
  7. Last stop, Tainan, for a soft introduction back to Society.

Price will be around 33,000NT.

More detail to come.

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