Exactly Divyn's 14 Day Tour of our Homes

Tour Under Construction. Destinations include:

  1. 1 Camping on our Patio Villa next to our Waterfall on the Sacred Mountain for the Jou Aboriginese Tribe.
  2. 2 Learn Wilderness Survival in our Mountain Hut above Century canyon deep in the mountains of Kaohsung County.
  3. 3 Enjoy a relaxing day lounging at A-Tungs Bali-like Resort in Taitung.
  4. 4 Head up to our Harbor, deep sea fishing, whale watching, hotsprings, river rafting…
  5. 5 Go hang out for a few days in our tree house, Eden #1 on the most pristine beach on Orchid Island, scuba diving, spearfishing
  6. 6 Then onto Kenting to learn how to surf from one of the best, Terry, with almost 30 years experience surfing the world.
  7. 7 Last stop, Tainan, for a soft introduction back to Society.

Price will be around 33,000NT.

More detail to come.

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