Explore Taitung County

(shanyuan Sand Beach)
A great place to do surfing, swimming , seashells and wood picking

Taitung, the home of natural wonders, appears long and narrow in shape.
Hills are found on one side and water on the other side.
With Central and Coastal Mountain Ranges running through it, the landborders on Siouguluan River and Hualien in the north, Dawu Mountain and Pingtung in the south, and faces the Pacific Ocean on the east side.

With hills on one side and water on the other plus two offshore islands, namely the Orchid island (Lanyu) and the Green Island, Taitung can be said to be the Formosa Island’s most beautiful backyard garden with its natural scenery of green mountains, blue waters, and the horizon where the sea and sky meet throughout the four seasons




(Forest Park)

(Moonlight Inn)

Formed by small islets near the coast and coral reefs, it is a special scenic spot , with an impressive Bakong Cross Sea Bridge across.

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