Fisherman's Inn

Fisherman's Inn
#10 Chong Shan Rd. Sec. 1, Lane 115, Jian, Hualien,
Contact: Zac Harper
Tel:+886 9555-37142,
Email: moc.liamg|3131kcattacaz#moc.liamg|3131kcattacaz
Weekend and weekday prices are the same, NT$2240/2640 for two person rooms, and NT$3040 for our 4 person rooms. Our Inn just opened October, 2008, with 32' flatscreen TV's, wireless internet, air conditioning, high quality mattresses, and beautiful fully-stocked private bathrooms, we guarentee you a very relaxing stay. Our first floor has a huge 42" flatscreen TV, DVD Player, fully stocked kitchen with filtered water machine, free coffee and tea. All booking include breakfast.

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