Exactly~Divyn 2D/1N 4R Tour

Exactly~Divyn 2Day/ 1 Night 4R Tour
(Rest, Relax, River Rafting)

Still trying to decide whether to go to Spring Scream? Desire to be surrounded by nature instead of surrounded by people?
Come down and visit us, and we’ll show you why we moved here!!! We have limited weekends available before the busy season in May, so book fast and come down to chill!!

1. Arrive in Reiswei before 12:00. Take the train, it’s the fastest and cheapest way to get down here. Departure times and costs below.
2. Get something to eat in Reiswei. It’s a very cute little town. Try the organic milk pudding, cheeses, and ice cream to the right of the train station. Super good!
3. Mr. or Mrs. Chou will pick you up at the train station at 1:00 and take you to the Rafting Center. They are the best rafting organization is Reiswei, and Mrs. Chou is one of the happiest women I have ever met. After a short orientation you will start the journey river raftingdown the most pristine river valleys in Taiwan.
4. You will arrive in big harbor at about 5:00, check into your rooms, and I’ll show you around the harbor.
5. We’ll eat an amazing seafood dinner at our favorite restaurant here at about 6 or so, and then hangout at our bar overlooking the harbor for drinks and laughs.
6. We serve breakfast on our patio after waking up naturally. French toast, eggs, fruit and coffee.
7. We’ll spend day two sightseeing the chill way, going with the flow, and checking out the beauty that we have discovered here. For those of you that have spent time with us, you know how it goes.
8. We’ll work our way back up the canyon to Reiswei, I’ll take you for a late lunch at an awesome little shop I found, and then make sure we get you on your train back to your city.

3300NT / person includes: River rafting, insurance, 3 meals (dinner/day 1, breakfast and lunch/day 2), accommodations, coffee at Mr. Wang’s, transportation, and our energy.

Doesn’t include: train, beer, extras.

Reservations: Zac Harper, 09555-37142, moc.liamg|3131kcattacaz#moc.liamg|3131kcattacaz.

Train Schedule and Prices:

Jyayi – Tainan: 4:45 – 5:54AM 91NT
Tainan – Reiswei: 6:00 – 11:54AM 437NT
Kaohsung – Reiswei: 7:02 – 11:54AM 368NT
Taipei – Reiswei 7:10 – 11:16AM 591NT

Reiswei – Taitung: 3:05 – 4:56PM 163NT
Taitung – Kaohsung: 5:12 – 8:16PM 280NT
Kaohsung – Tainan: 8:30 – 9:07PM 83NT
Kaohsung – Jyayi: 8:23 – 9:44PM 248NT
Reiswei – Taipei: 4:53 – 8:57PM 591NT
5:52 – 9:42PM 591NT

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