One Day Trip In Beinan4499 6 8hr

Bienan ,Lyueh One Day Tour
2 ~4 People total tour Fee 4499( Not Include Accommodation, Entrance Ticket , Meal and Travel Insurance)

Staying in Taitung Pirates and Sea Art Hostel: In the same room for a night, 1 person 499 NTW, 2 persons 898 NTW, 3persons 1197 NTW, 4persons 1596 NTW

-Chu Lu Farm (Entrance Ticket 100 NTW)

-Lunch at Chu-Lu restaurant

- Luyeh Stage Tourist Fu-Lu Tea Garden(Experiencing tea leaves picking and tea drinking 150NT each)

- Flight Ground on Luyeh Stage(Grass sliding 50 NTW each)

- Foot Message+Herb Water Foot Message (Original Price 700NTW, Tour Special Price Only 500 NTW Each)

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