One Day Trip In Dulan 3499 NTW6~ 8hr

Option 1: One Day Trip in Dulan 6~8hrs

2~4 Persons Total Tour Fee 3499 NTW

(Not include accommodation, meal, entrance ticket, and travel insurance)

Stay in Taitung Pirates and Sea Art Hostel: In the same room for a night, 1 person 499 NTW, 2 persons 898 NTW, 3persons 1197 NTW, 4persons 1596 NTW

As for lunch and supper , I recommend places to eat but you can always tell us what do you like ,then we will take you there.

-Seedweed Healthy and Light Meal Restaurant


- Shanyuan Swimming Beach(Pick up rocks and seashells)

-Feed the fish at beach

-Water Running up-Sugar Factory (art space)

-DIY rock accessories (500 NTW each)

- Pirates American Ostrich Burger

- Rest at Taitung Pirates and Sea Art Hostel

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