Our Future

Well, one of my favorite phrases is:

Plans never keep up with change.

My life changes so often that I find planning a little useless. But I still find it entertaining, so:

The family from Panama told me that in their travels in Taiwan (and they really knew how to travel), coming to our Harbor was their most unforgettable experience. They ended up staying an extra day, even though we are in the off-season right now. They spent their time sleeping in, eating HUGE fresh seafood meals, walking around the harbor and beaches, drinking coffee on Mr. Wang's beautiful seaside balcony, and sharing their many experiences with us. It was an unforgetable experience for all of us!

I plan on connecting the best of here with the rest of the world, and helping the rest of the world truly experience this amazing place and the miriad of activities and new experiences that it offers. It lights up my life to see people truly enjoying themselves, ad brings me a satisfaction that is unique to this career.

Come and visit us, and I will show you!

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