Our Present

(Picture of Fai-Yu , little Fai-Yu,and Roman)


(Moonlight Inn)

Taitung Hostel - Taitung SeaArt Hostel and Tour is run by Roman (Canadian) and Emily(Taiwanese). We ran a shop in Taitung named 變臉 (bianlian) for about 3 years. We sold hand-made masks for party and collection, leather clothes, bags, accessories, and so on. For years, we were seeking for a natural and peaceful place in Taiwan to start a different life. We found the lifestyle which we love in Taitung, the Formosa Island’s most beautiful backyard garden. Here we met a lot of talented and good-hearted friends. The exciting life begins…

Meeting interesting travelers is something which we both like a lot, and that’s why we quit our old teaching jobs. Come all the way from Taichung to Taitung and open our first Hostel “Taitung Sea Art Hostel and Tour “. Because of the interest of meeting friends all around the world, we insist to offer cheap but very artistic rooms for backpackers all around the world. We treat travelers as one of our brothers and sisters. Here you can feel totally free and relaxed. No pressure and “live in the moment.”

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