Rueisuei Hot Springs
The Rueisuei Hot Springs were opened by the Japanese in 1917. At that time, the Japanese style Tekisuikaku Hotel had a public bathhouse attached. This traditional Japanese style wooden building, surrounded by flourishing forest in a quiet, secluded area, was considered to be one of the top, high-class hotels of that time. The temperature of the Rueisuei Hot Springs is about 48°C. The water is of a low-alkaline "Chloride-carbonate" type, and is also abundant in minerals such as iron and barium. After the water's iron content has oxidized into the atmosphere, a layer of muddy, yellow crystallized matter with a light, rusty aroma is left on the surface of the water. This crystallized matter is called "hot water flowers" or "hot spring flowers". Many visitors, upon seeing the springs for the first time, will mistakenly assume that the water is not clean. Actually, this kind of spring water is very good for skin diseases and arthritis. Furthermore, according to medical research, couples who frequently bathe in this kind of low-alkaline hot springs will be more likely to give birth to a son. Because of this, the Rueisuei Hot Springs are also named the "Give Birth to a Son Springs".

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I've found other places that are cheaper to stay at, some with nicer rooms and less expensive, but this is by far the best. This is the original Hot Spring Villa in Rueisuei, the owner, Pop Eye, speaks excellent english with a great sence of humor, and the outdoor facilities on the mountain overlooking the valley make this a place you will fall in love with.

Prices are as follows:
Tatami Rooms: Sat + Holidays NT$420/person Weekdays (Sun-Fri): NT$360/person (Must prepare own Towls, toiletries)

Room5_1.jpg title_48.jpg

2 person Single Room (1 bed): (Sat + Holidays) NT$2000 Weekdays (Sun-Fri): NT$1500
2 person Double Room (2 beds): (Sat + Holidays) NT$2400 Weekdays (Sun-Fri): NT$1800

room11.jpg Room1_4.jpg Room2_2.jpg

4 Person Rooms and Cabins: Sat and Holiday NT$3200 Weekdays (Sun-Fri): NT$2800

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