The Surf Shack Bar And Grill

If your planning a trip to Kenting, gotta check out the Surf Shack Bar and Grill. It's in Heng Chun, and its got some of the best food that I have had in Taiwan. Ee is a master Chef, and everything is homemade, from her hamburger meat to her whole grain buns. Try her Double moster burger. It's got 1 pound of beef that melts in your mouth. Her Hawaii Burger is my favorite.
I hopped on down to Kenting between tours to learn to cook from her, and learn to surf from her husband Terry. He's been surfing for almost 30 years, and he's an amazing teacher. He gave me some very simple and extremely practical tips, and then let me go experience. Exactly what I wanted and needed. It's surfing season, and Kenting is the best closest place to learn. I get here in 2~2.5 hours from Tainan.
Kentings accommodations are expensive. But Ee and Terry's place start at 400NT per night for a single private room with shared bath. The rooms are simple, very clean, and comfortable! They can help foreigners rent scooters with simply a passport as well, something the East coast is presently lacking.
If you come down, spend a morning or afternoon in She Ding Nature Park. Its on the same road that takes you to Kentiung National Park. Keep going past that and you'll get to SheDing. It's free to get in, and there is some amazing exploring to do there. Find the trail behind the bathrooms. It's my secret spot. A few weeks ago, I was watching a tribe of about 40 monkeys going about their mating rituals on a little mountain there, surrounded by huge black and white butterflies, when an enormous eagle flew about 10 meters right over my head. It was absolutely magical.
Coming down from Tainan, take the fast train to Kaohsung, takes 33 minutes or so. Call this cab company the day before and arrange for them to pick you up in front of the Kaohsung train station when your train arrives. Their service is impeccable, it's only 300NT, even if you only have one person, and its by far the quickest and the smoothest way to get to Kenting. Their number is 07-312-8889.
The Surf Shack is on Heng Nan Rd. #224.
08-888-1881, Ee-0956-001-604

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Ocean Room: Weekdays: 800NT Weekends/Holidays: 1000NT Long Holiday Weekends: 1200NT

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Tatami Room: Weekdays: 600NT Weekends/Holidays: 700NT Long Holiday Weekends: 700NT

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Large Room: Weekdays: 2400NT Weekends/Holidays: 2700NT Long Holiday Weekends: 3000NT

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Sunset Room: Weekdays: 800NT Weekends/Holidays: 1000NT Long Holiday Weekends: 1200NT

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Our Humble Library, and our 2nd floor bathroom (Yes, it's stocked!)

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Each floor has a little fridge with ice cold water — nice swig after a hot day at the beach!

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Our 3rd Floor Balcony is the perfect place for a little evening pow-wow and a beer!

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Our cozy little Restaurant and Bar downstairs. You don't even need to go out to get hammer-faced!

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